ManagedKube Installation Service

We install a fully functioning Kubernetes cluster for you quickly and affordably by leveraging open source projects.

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ManagedKube Installation Service Allows You to Focus
on Your Application (and not your infrastructure)

Kubernetes is hard! You need a lot of components (eg, VPC, Kubernetes API, applications) working together to create a fully functioning Kubernetes environment. With ManagedKube Installation Service, we'll instantiate everything you need to run a successful Kubernetes cloud infrasturcture that you can rely on.

ManageKube Installation Service Benefits

Benefit #1: Faster

With our expertise, you'll have a working Kubernetes environment in three days.

Benefit #2: Lower cost

It's cheaper to buy vs. build when there is already a solution for your exact problem.

Benefit #3: Secure

Secure and reliable from being battle-tested in many companies.

We've spent 4 years creating and refining
a production-grade Kubernetes infrastructure.

As Kubernetes consultants working with more than two dozen clients, we have built this stack many times. Our expertise in leveraging open source components means that you don't need to hire a DevOps resource to set-up and maintain your Kubernetes clusters.

If you want to run your application on a new Kubernetes cluster, ManagedKube Installation Service provides:

  • 1Carefully selected the components that work well together
  • 2Architected the stack with all of these components
  • 3Wired the components together
  • 4Built the cluster with security in mind

The Stack: ManagedKube's Installation Service Provides Everything But Your Application

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Works In



  • One fully working Kubernetes cluster in a cloud of your choice

  • All code used pushed into your Git repository

  • Email and Chat Support



  • Three fully working Kubernetes clusters in a cloud of your choice (dev, test, production)

  • All code used pushed into your Git repository

  • Phone, Email and Chat Support



  • Audit your current infrastructure and develop your infrastructure strategy

  • Fully customized Kubernetes clusters

  • Phone, Email and Chat Support

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Not ready for the Installation Service? Use our Open Source Project for free

The Installation Service is for you if you want 1:1 help to get started faster.

How ManagedKube Installation Service Works

  • 1Give us access to a Git repository where you would like all of the code to be pushed to.
  • 2Give us access to the cloud that you want your Kubernetes cluster to be instantiated in.
  • 3We'll take it from here. First, we will push all of the code to your repository and instantiate the Kubernetes cluster.
  • 4Then, we'll schedule a 60 minute Zoom session to walk through what we did and answer any questions
  • 5And, we won't leave on an island. We will provide support for the next 7 days via Zoom or Slack.