Anyone can get meaningful Kubernetes information with our easy point-and-click interface

k8sbot example retrieve kubernetes information point and click

K8sBot is a Slackbot that pulls real-time information from your clusters with a point-and-click interface. We're democratizing Kubernetes so that it's accessible for all. You will:

Save time with less context switching - get Kubernetes information in Slack, where you already are

Automate DevOps support with one click access to Kubernetes information for everyone

Facilitate team-driven troubleshooting discussions by bringing Kubernetes information into Slack's collaborative environment

Why k8sBot?

We’ve heard that Kubernetes is really complex. We want to help teams integrate DevOps principles faster and help every team member quickly get up to speed on the most common Kubernetes commands. We’re not a replacement for kubectl - we are an enhancement. Think of us as the automatic transmission for your Kubernetes engine.

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