What Do We Do?

We're leading organizations into the containerization world. We've done it countless times and can captain you through this treacherous process.

We work with organizations to transition to a Kubernetes ecosystem, moving the entire developers’ workflow from running locally to deploying into a dev environment. We build CI/CD processes for named systems like dev/qa/stage/prod all in a GitOps Workflow.

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Why ManagedKube?

We offer our deep expertise in putting open source pieces together to build your infrastructure. As freelance consultants, we can quickly and economically build your infrastructure because we’ve done it countless times before. While you focus on your application, we will take care of everything infrastructure related.

Learn About Our Difference

We do it all

from architecting out a solution to full implementation and deployment

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Provide DevOps advisory services

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On-site DevOps consulting to build or optimize your infrastructure

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Training and monitoring

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Every Client Deserves a Custom Solution

We customize each project and infrastructure to each client’s individual needs. This starts with a Discovery phase where we identify and interview all the key stakeholders for the project. Our objective is to describe the existing application and the infrastructure to run it and what we want the application and infrastructure to look like in the future. Then, we create an assessment on to move the application to Kubernetes and the project phases necessary to do it. After management alignment on the path forward, we work side-by-side with the client team to achieve the client goals.

Learn About Our Approach

Building infrastructure with a GitOps workflow

Check out our open source repository on how we deliver infrastructure as code with a GitOps workflow.

Kubernetes Ops has been a culmination of how we have been helping clients use Kubernetes over the years. There has been a lot of trial an error as we have grown up with Kubernetes. This represents how we are currently helping our clients use Kubernetes and how we help them maintain their infrastructure. You can view this as a reference implementation of a fully productionalized Kubernetes setup.

github logo kubernetes-ops respository

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