ManagedKube is nimble and caters to your needs

· We don’t have a cookie cutter approach with defined solutions. We take a white glove approach where each of our solutions is completely custom built to each client’s needs.

· Our top talent works on your project; we don’t have Partners working on five projects at once

· We focus 100% on the DevOps space and always know about the latest tools and best practices in a rapidly developing field. Everyone on our team is an expert in their field.

Our qualifications

· We have over 10 years of DevOps experience and 4 years of professional experience running and maintaining Docker and Kubernetes clusters.

· Team and knowledge building are core competencies of ours. We freely share knowledge and teach what we know so we can develop our client’s internal team and set them up for success after our engagement is over.

· Our pre-built Kubernetes applications will save you time & resources (i.e. MySQL, Kafka, Zookeeper, etc)

Core Competency #1: Team and Knowledge Building

ManagedKube assembles a team with the right expertise to tackle each project. This is largely dependant on the client’s internal team and the scope of the project. We have a number of DevOps experts on our roster that we pull in as-needed for different projects.

Because we are a small team, our projects are primarily short-term engagements that consist of understanding what an organization most needs from their infrastructure, building that custom-tailored system, and educating our client’s team on how to operate and maintain the system. We firmly believe that the key to ManagedKube’s success and happy customers is our attitude towards knowledge building. We freely share knowledge and teach what we know so we can develop our client’s internal team and set them up for success after ManageKube’s contract is over.

In practice, we work closely with our clients in a collaborative manner during architecturing and project implementation to help them gain the operational insight and experience needed to operate the environments. By taking this approach, we avoid a big “hand off” at the end of a project where there is too much information to feasibly absorb. At the end of a project, our clients can confidently operate the systems because they know how the system was built and why decisions were made.

Core Competency #2: Long-term Systems Thinking

ManagedKube takes a long-term view to its work. We show our clients the best techniques and workflows to create the most efficient deployment processes over the lifetime of their software. We have a strong point of view that DevOps teams should invest the time upfront to build infrastructure and processes the right way from day one. This avoids incurring technical debt that you’ll pay back many times in the future. You may save time today by building infrastructure in a quick and dirty fashion, but we’ve seen this go awry too many times to count. We always advocate for the best long- term solution for the entire system – the software and the business.

For example, in legacy IT environments, resources might not be expressed in code. This may be fine when you first deploy something, but later on when you want to rebuild or build a new environment, you’ll run into issues because the knowledge on how something was deployed is not readily available. Since infrastructure is the foundation that everything else is built on top of, you want this piece to be one of the most solid and reliable pieces of your stack. We practice infrastructure as code methodologies with all of our clients. All infrastructure pieces should be built with code or configurations that is easily testable and repeatable. This ensures that when anyone wants to make a change in the future, they have all the information needed to do so safely.

We are also big proponents of a Gitflow workflow. With everything expressed as code or config, this lends itself very well to a Gitflow process. We believe infrastructure code and configs should be treated like any other piece of software and go through the same workflow. This usually means branching off for new tastes, automated unit type testing, peer reviews before merging, and automated deployments.

Core Competency #3: Leveraging Tools

Our philosophy is to leverage publicly available tools as much as possible - why build what has already been built? We customize and integrate the right suite of tools, both open source and proprietary, to meet the specific needs of each client.

This practice saves our clients time and money by dramatically accelerating a project’s progress. Software development has evolved to a point where infrastructure code is becoming more and more commoditized. While software has a long way to go before it’s 100% turnkey, we leverage the available infrastructure building blocks as much as possible.

Our expertise lies in knowing what tools are available, the best tools to use, their benefits and tradeoffs, and how they integrate with each other. Since we specialize in the infrastructure automation and scaling space, we are well versed with what is out there and how each piece works together.

Half the battle is knowing what tools are available - ManagedKube dedicates time to keeping up-to- date on the tool landscape by constantly reading the latest DevOps blogs, attending meet-ups, and being asked to evaluate the latest tools due to the nature of our consulting work.

Core Competency #4: Working with a Diverse Client Base

We’ve worked with a wide range of clients in a variety of ways:

- from 6 employees to a Fortune 500 company

- from advertising technology, to biotech, to information security

- from a project for a few weeks to a multi-year engagement

This means that we understand what works, where. This hard-won experience and priceless knowledge helps us quickly identify how to approach each client’s unique problem. The right solution for a small company is likely not the right solution for a big company, just like the right level of infrastructure automation is different for each company’s product. ManagedKube is experienced at building scalable infrastructure for a wide range of companies and industries.

We are able to apply learnings from one client to all of our clients. With our guidance, our clients benefit from avoiding the pitfalls of all of our clients before them. We are able to avoid tools that aren’t ready for showtime yet or quickly implement tools across all of our clients that solve a pressing pain point. ManagedKube knows what works in the real world; as the ecosystem around Kubernetes becomes more crowded, we are here to help you avoid obstacles and speed bumps in your cloud technology journey.