Why ManagedKube?

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We have over 10 years of DevOps experience and 4 years of professional experience running and maintaining Docker and Kubernete clusters.

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We have demonstrated expertise in saving our clients 50% of their computing costs with AWS Spot Instance.

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Our pre-built Kubernetes applications will save you time & resources (i.e. MySQL, Kafka, Zookeeper, etc)

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The stack we provide is highly resilient, customizable, and secure.

We do it all

from architecting out a solution to full implementation and deployment

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Provide DevOps advisory services

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On-site DevOps consulting to build or optimize your infrastructure

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Training and monitoring

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Live chat support

Our DevOps consultants + open source software

Savings for you

It has become a lot easier to build your infrastructure. You no longer need to write custom infrastructure software and can instead leverage standardized open source software (Docker, Kubernetes, Monitoring/Logging) to build your infrastructure for less than the cost of even one employee (typically for infrastructure that is less than 200 machines).

We offer our deep expertise in putting these open source pieces together. As freelance consultants, we can quickly and economically build your infrastructure because we’ve done it countless times before. While you focus on your application, we will take care of everything infrastructure related.

Plus, because the open source community maintains the software, these systems are highly resilient and typically recover from failures. No more middle of the night emergency pages!

Clients that we’ve worked with