Managed Kubernetes Benefits

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  • Focus on running your application while we run the back-end

  • Cost savings by only paying for your compute time, no need to pay for an entire cluster

  • No need to hire a DevOps team to support your infrastructure. We can do it at-scale

What We Provide

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  • Security hardened clusters that are continually updated using industry best practices to keep you safe

  • All infrastructure runs on our own AWS account. You don’t even need your own AWS account!

  • We provide you with a set of Kubernetes credentials where you can launch your application into our cluster

  • Backups, failover, disaster recovery, and resilience testing

  • Change management and deployment process

  • Instrumentation, metrics, and monitoring

Why not just use another Kubernetes service as an offering?

There are many existing tools or services that help you create a Kubernetes cluster (Kops, AWS EKS (managed Kubernetes service), kubeadm, Google GKE) without you being a Kubernates expert. The Kubernetes cluster is just one layer in your software stack. It is helpful to use one of the cloud-provided solutions for this layer, but it’s not enough.

That’s because these tools don’t tell you how to effectively use all of the available features of the cluster. You are still left with lifecycle management functionality; there are continually new updates, features, and techniques that you’ll need to determine how best to incorporate into your application.

We will typically use one of these off-the-shelf options to create your Kubernetes cluster as a starting point. If you have extreme requirements on the OS level, which most of these solutions do not let you control, we can talk about rolling our own Kubernetes cluster.


Your application probably needs a cast of supporting application services. We have an ever-growing list of application services that we can help you set-up.

Most applications will have these features:

  • High availability/redundancy with automatic failovers

  • Automatic backups

  • Hardened security profile

Our customers most frequently use these applications:

There are many applications out there - if you are using one not on the list, we can most likely help you set it up.