ManagedKube is excited to announce their launch on GKE’s Marketplace at KubeCon! Keep an eye out for our application during Google’s keynote.

ManagedKube on the Google Cloud Platform's Marketplace

Not sure what’s going on in your Kubernetes cluster? We can help with that. Cloud providers like AWS and GCP don’t provide application-level data like how you’re spending money in k8s clusters. You don’t know how much team A or team B is spending on compute, making it difficult to plan budgets, understand product margins, and optimize cloud costs. Without cost visibility, companies don’t know what going on in the black box of Kubernetes.

By using ManagedKube, you will have visibility into what you’re spending and how. We create an easy-to-read cost dashboard that tells you exactly how much you’re spending on each pod, node, and persistent volume across multiple time dimensions. Now, in addition to seeing instance usage, you will be able to see how much team A and team B is using. You’ll also be able to look at the hidden costs of your cluster, such as ELB, EBS, and network transfers. We’re demystifying Kubernetes costs.

ManagedKube dashboard with pod cost per day for 5 days

With one-click installation from GKE’s marketplace (and up to $500 in GCP credits when you sign up using our link), you can:

Quickly identify ways to optimize your cloud spend

  • Understand product margins
  • Forecast and plan budgets better
  • Try ManagedKube today: One-click installation on GKE and command line install on all other cloud providers.

Contact me if you have any questions about this or want to chat, happy to start a dialog or help out: {::nomarkdown}

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