ManagedKube Launches Tool to Decrease Kubernetes Cloud Costs on the Google Cloud Platform (GCP) Marketplace

San Francisco, CA. December 12, 2018 – ManagedKube, a Kubernetes software developer tool company, announced today their collaboration with Google Cloud as a Technology Partner to launch a monitoring application that provides companies with visibility into their Kubernetes cluster costs.

Companies can now understand how much compute spend a team or customer is responsible for by instantly accessing our single-click deployment offering in the GCP Marketplace. ManagedKube provides an easy-to-read dashboard that gives insights on how much is being spent on each pod, node, and persistent volume across multiple time dimensions. This visibility allows companies to forecast budgets, understand product margins, and quickly identify optimization opportunities for reducing Kubernetes cloud costs.

The company announced ManagedKube’s Kubernetes Cost Attribution launch on the GCP Marketplace at KubeCon in Seattle, WA. “We are proud to work closely with Google Cloud to launch our Kubernetes-focused cost monitoring application. This collaboration allows us to provide cost metrics for Kubernetes users so they can make smart business decisions,” said Christie Lee, COO of ManagedKube. “We’re excited to give companies an effortless way to measure and manage their cloud spend with a detailed cloud bill.”

Install ManagedKube’s Kubernetes Cost Attribution application on the GCP Marketplace here

About ManagedKube ManagedKube offers tools, applications, and services dedicated to making it easier to deploy within Kubernetes and Docker ecosystems. ManagedKube’s Kubernetes Cost Attribution monitoring tool provides cost visibility so companies can forecast budgets, understand product margins, and reduce Kubernetes cluster costs through optimizing utilization. The company is a privately held company headquartered in San Francisco.

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