We recently updated the Slack Oauth permissions for our Slack application. This update was to remove the users:read.email permissions. The interesting thing is that when you remove a permission, you have to remove this permission ask in the Slack button for users to add this application to their Slack also.

If not, your users will see the following message when trying to click on this button.

k8sbot logs

Uh oh, k8sbot has run into a problem

Our apologies, but it looks like something has gone awry.  Don't
worry, it's not your fault, but you won't be able to install k8sbot
right now.  Give me the nerdy details

Unapproved permissions requested

The fix is simple. After you have updated the Oauth permissions in your Slack app. Copy the Install to Slack button again and use that. Or in the button remove the permission(s) you have removed.

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